The School

The School of Landscape Painting was founded by Christopher Baker, with 30 years experience as a professional artist, as a personal response to the subject of painting and the landscape.
It aims to combine the practical challenges of landscape painting with that of academic study.Within the school there is a culture of discussion and shared experience to encourage a deeper communication of the subject.

 2017/2018 Essential painting, landscape and abstraction ADP booklet 2017/2018

Previous course content

  •     2016/2017   A personal vision II - colour and composition
  • 2015/2016  A personal vision
  • 2014/2015  Observation and the place of Imagination
  • 2013/2014  Raw Landscape
  • 2012/2013  Landscape Theme and Variation
  • 2011/2012  Planning a group of work

The School
Colour mixing, extravagantly @Christopher Baker

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